Functional Health Tip

  • FH Tip: Contract-Relax for a Better Stretch

    Functional Health is about using your body’s design to your advantage, and stretching should be no exception.  There’s nothing wrong with the tried and true method of holding a muscle in a stretched position for a sustained period of time (generally 30 seconds).  But one way to get a more effective stretch is by doing […]

  • FH Tip: Use Your Whole Calf Muscle

    Have you ever strained or even torn your calf muscle?  And then, just when you thought you were all healed…it happened again? While there are several possible reasons for such a recurrence, one lesser known factor has to do with the anatomy of the calf.  As you may know, the “calf muscle” is really a […]

  • FH Tip: Can You Stand Up Without Using Your Arms?

    Standing up from a seated position requires good strength of your proximal muscles, i.e. muscles close to your core, especially your glutes (butt muscles). If you don’t have good strength there you will need to use your arms to help push you up. Without thinking, many people have just settled into easy patterns and use […]