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  • (image from

    Chain, Chain, Chain….(Kinetic Chain, that is)

    To me, one of the body’s most fascinating design features is something called the Kinetic Chain. If you’re a YFH regular, you might recall my mentioning that term a time or two (e.g. The Great Joint Compromise post). And being that it’s one of the most fundamental concepts of physical function–and thus of Functional Health–you can expect to see it mentioned here […]

  • Australian Shepherd standing on hind legs and trying to reach a bone on the top of a pedestal against white background

    Did You Know…

    Dogs have kneecaps? They have little patellae in front of their knees just like you do. And they serve the same function as yours do–to make it easier for the quadriceps muscles (yes, they have those too) to do their job. Well I thought it was a worthwhile post…….

  • Dynamic-Stretching

    Doing Dynamic Stretches? Great…But You’re Not Stretching

    Ask ten healthcare professionals about the benefit of stretching and you’ll get at least twelve different opinions.  Earlier this summer I  attended the American College of Sports Medicine conference in San Francisco where I heard a couple of my colleagues, Ian Shrier, MD, PhD (McGill University) and Malachy McHugh, PhD (National Institute Sports Medicine and […]

  • gymnast balance

    There’s More to Balance Than Meets the Eye

    The concept of balance is thrown around a lot these days. There’s the whole yin-yang kind of balance, the stability-mobility kind of balance, and then there’s traditional balance, the being steady kind. At a very basic level, this kind of balance enables you to stand and walk without falling (no easy feat considering that 80% of walking–and 100% of running–is […]

  • sciatica-150x150

    When Sciatica Isn’t Exactly Sciatica

    There seems to be some confusion over the term “sciatica.” In a purist sense, the term refers to pain, numbness or other symptoms attributable to the sciatic nerve, that big nerve (the biggest in the body actually) that runs from the low back down the back of the leg. More casually, the term sciatica has come to describe any pain down the back of the leg, regardless […]

  • Best and Worst Activities for Hypermobile Joints

    Instead of having muscles that are too tight, people with hypermobility syndrome  are often too flexible. They are able to extend their joints and flex their  muscles beyond the normal range. Although this increased range of motion can  serve as an advantage in activities such as gymnastics, dancing and swimming,  hypermobility can cause numerous problems, particularly with […]

  • FH Tip: Arm Rests–Use ‘Em If You Got ‘Em (Get ‘Em If You Don’t)

    I’m guessing that you don’t dedicate too much time to thinking about arm rests. But if you find yourself suffering aching, throbbing, or burning pain around your shoulders and/or neck while sitting, you should probably give them a lot more consideration. When you sit with your arms unsupported– whether dangling by your side or held […]

  • What Muscles Really Do–and Why You Should Take Note

    At the risk of contradicting weight room dogma, I’m going to boldly assert that not a single muscle is there to make us look better at the beach.  While that may be the motivation to exercise for a lot of people,  cosmetic workouts don’t, on their own, get you very far functionally and can even […]

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