Why Functional Health?

So You Can Participate in Your Life, Not Just Observe It

Functional Health is a critical aspect of total well-being
You only have to miss one family gathering due to debilitating pain or give up playing a favorite sport because of an injury to appreciate the value of being in good Functional Health. Like many things, it’s something we don’t think about until we no longer have it.

Understanding how your body is designed to work is the key to keeping it working
Any issues that interfere with your body’s design–such as weakness, inflexibility or muscle imbalances–only increase your risk of pain/injury. Common muscle aches and joint pains, sports injuries, and pinched nerves are all either the consequence or the cause of abnormal function.

It’s Fact Not Fad
Unlike the latest diet or exercise craze that inevitably fades away when the next great thing comes along, Functional Health isn’t a fad; it’s factual. And the body’s design won’t be changing anytime soon.

Everyone Benefits
Young or old, athlete or couch potato, our bodies all have the same design. It’s just a matter of the condition it’s in and the level at which you use it.

Exercise As a Tool
Functional Health allows you to use exercise as a tool to improve your function and your life, rather than dread it as a chore to be done. A true eye-opener for many people!

Refreshing Motivation
Tired of the constant focus on weight loss? Not motivated by intangible results like lower blood pressure? Functional Health and its practical results provide a welcome, alternative incentive to get moving.