In your twenties and thirties, exercise is mostly a means to looking and feeling better. The idea of working out just so you can “do stuff” doesn’t even cross your mind. Really, being able to do stuff? That’s just a given.

But then your forties and fifties come along…

Aches and pains, stiffness, and injuries start appearing out of nowhere–after simply doing what you always do. Suddenly the possibility of not being able to do the things you need to do and enjoy doing becomes an actual concern.

Daily runs, repainting your living room, weekly tennis, ski vacations, playing with your kids? No longer a given. Activities you never gave a second thought to just a few short years ago now require extra effort, caution, recuperation….and maybe even anti-inflammatories!

You’re still very much in the game–just newly, and very keenly, aware of your functional mortality. And your perspective changes. It has to.

Exercise takes on a whole new purpose

and requires a whole new approach.

No longer a vain luxury, it’s a necessity. Your last on-ramp to a healthy, active, enjoyable lifestyle for years to come.

After all, living is about being able to participate.

And being able to participate is

exactly what Your Functional Health is all about.