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High Repetitions with Low Weights Builds Muscle Contrary to traditional dogma, it appears that slugging around the big-boy barbells isn’t the only way to build muscle. Higher number of reps done with lower weights actually gets the job done better according to this study by Nicholas Burd et al. Though very well executed, the study is only based on 15 male subjects, so it raises a very compelling point that just needs to be studied more thoroughly to be conclusive.

Running Barefoot vs With Shoes Nice, medium-sized study by DC Kerrigan et al comparing joint stress during running barefoot vs with shoes. Less hip, knee, and ankle torque when barefoot.

Core Training: Evidence Translating to Better Performance and Injury Prevention. [abstract only]  An excellent discussion of what your core is, how it really works, and how to best train it. A highly respected researcher and biomechanist, Dr. McGill bases much of this information on his own studies. Sorry–the article is copyright protected so only the abstract is available publicly, but can see the source info and/or request full text. Strongly recommended, especially for those in the field.

Functionally Fit Abs A quick and well explained overview of the functional perspective on abdominal training by Steve Politis of the Gary Gray Institute.

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